• Asset Management

    • Aircraft Deliveries, Redeliveries, Repossessions

    • Maintenance Check Representation

    • Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAMO) 

    • In-Service Audits and Inspections

    • Technical Records Management

  • Sales and Support

    • Aircraft Parts and Components

    • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

    • Aircraft Specific Tooling

    • Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants (POL)

Claims Management

Aircraft Damage Evaluation

  • We have full capability to identify the type of damage to an aircraft/airport and calculate its financial implications in order to support the insurance claim

  • Repair costs for an aircraft can quickly escalate into millions of dollars and it is imperative that lessors/financiers/insurers are duly represented

  • Not all repair facilities are equal in terms of maintenance standards and costs. We can carry out technical evaluations of available repair resources for more informed decisions

Liability Services

  • Full on-site representation (aerodrome, MRO etc.) can be provided to ensure maximum details are acquired in evaluating the claim 

  • We can provide in-depth insight into the root cause of damages (first-party, third-party) and liaison with aviation authorities and manufacturers for effective claims management

  • We can help identify for insurers, lessors and operators the viability and extent of the claim to avoid high cost litigation which would result in aircraft down-time and further cost escalations

Reduce Exposure to Aviation Risk

  • Our team can provide expert advice on air operator organizational GAP Analysis for IATA certifications such as IOSA

  • Safety audits of air operators (maintenance, ground handling, flight operations etc.) and aerodromes in accordance with ICAO/IATA guidelines

  • Identify training capabilities of lessees/operators in order to ensure lessors/insurers have their assets in capable hands

Airline and Aircraft Technical Audits and Risk Surveys

  • In order to minimize exposure to risk for insurance companies and lessors, we can perform technical audits on new/used aircraft pre/mid/post lease agreement

  • Assess aircraft operators, Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) and MRO’s for facilities, maintenance practices and technical records procedures

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